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Scotopic Sensitivity filters

What is Scotopic Sensitivity / (Irlen™) Syndrome?

Irlen™ Syndrome/Scotopic Sensitivity is a problem with the brain's ability to process visual information. It is not an optical problem, and is not identified through standardised educational, medical or optical testing. Irlen™ Syndrome/Scotopic Sensitivity can affect many different areas including:

  • Academic and work performance, especially reading and writing
  • Behaviour
  • Attention
  • Ability to sit still
  • Concentration

IrlenTM Spectral Filters

Is Help Available?

These issues can be assisted with Irlen™ Spectral Filters. These are precision tinted filters which are worn in the same way as glasses. Irlen™ Spectral Filters are designed to filter out certain frequencies in the white light spectrum to which the client has specific sensitivity, thus relieving many of the symptoms of the condition.

Prominent educators in the field of Special Education, including Dr Greg Robinson, University of Newcastle, and Dr Paul Whiting, University of Sydney, consider this to be the biggest breakthrough in learning disabilities for more than twenty years. However, it must be stressed that this method does not help every person with reading disabilities. Dyslexia can be auditory or visual or both. Research indicates that more than half of the people, both children and adults, who find reading difficult, fatiguing or stressful, can be helped considerably with Irlen™ Filter Lenses. However, even when it is found that Irlen™ Filters are of benefit, don't expect miracles. If there are other learning difficulties as well, then these will also have to be remediated.

Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome

How Do I know if I have Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome/(Irlen™) Syndrome?

If you answer 'yes' to more than three questions in any one section of this checklist, it may be worthwhile further investigating this possibility.

Education Rules!!! have specialists trained in the Irlen Method who can assist with your needs.

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