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  1. Tuition for Years 1 to 12 in the areas of:
    • Mathematics
    • English
    • Spelling
    • Reading
  2. Assistance with Assignment Planning
  3. Learning Style Preference Profiling
  4. Exam Preparation
  5. Development of Study Skills (through courses and tutoring sessions)
  6. Diagnostics for IrlenTM Syndrome/Scotopic Sensitivity
  7. Help with Homework


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During Queensland school terms our office is open for tuition from 3.30pm to 6.20pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Appointments for academic appraisals, learning style assessments and Irlen Screenings and Diagnostics are available at other times by arrangement.

We regularly check our answering service and email, so please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.

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Who accesses your services and why?

Our students range from Years 1 to 12 and they access tutoring for a wide variety of reasons. Some of our students are already high achievers, who just want a little extra help to ensure they maintain or improve their school results. Other students may have recently moved cities, may have missed a great deal of school due to illness, or for other reasons, may have simply fallen behind their classmates. These students attend to receive the extra assistance they need to catch up. In other situations, parents recognise that their work or other commitments prevent them from spending time at home focusing on their children's homework. Education Rules!!! alleviates this stress, allowing parents to spend their time having fun with their children.

Do you operate during school holidays?

No - we believe that, in an action-packed life, students need 'time out' as much as anyone. Our tuition services operate during Queensland state school terms only.

What happens if my child misses a session?

For students to achieve their best possible results, it's preferable that they don't miss a session. If students have to miss a session for any reason, payment is still due, however we offer the option of a catch-up session so that they do not miss out on receiving the tuition.

Do you group students according to their year level?

No - each student is an individual with individual needs. The aim of tuition is to focus on individual improvement and not to make comparisons with other students of a similar age. For this reason we do not specifically group students according to their grade. Even if a number of students from the same grade are in the centre at the same time, each student will still work on an individually designed programme.

What is the ratio of students to tutors?

The maximum ratio of tutors to students is one tutor for three students. In our years of experience, we have found that this ratio works extremely well as it allows the students to gain the individual attention they need, but also allows them the time to process the information independently without a tutor prompting them.

How do you identify the areas in which my student needs help?

Prior to beginning any tuition programme, the students will receive a complimentary academic appraisal which tests reading age, spelling age and maths level. The results of this appraisal, combined with feedback from parents and teachers, provide the basis for developing the individual tuition programme. Naturally, if after commencing tutoring, additional areas of need are identified, these are also incorporated in the tuition programme.

How long will it take?

When a student begins a new programme it's always difficult to tell how long he or she will take to achieve their goals. Each person is an individual, and progresses at his or her own individual rate. Attitude and confidence play a large part in the success of a programme. Students can achieve success more rapidly by working well during the sessions. Similarly, parents can assist their students by remaining positive and encouraging.


Sharon and student

We have a dedicated team of experienced, Queensland registered teachers who have been trained in our tutoring system. Their expertise covers a wide range of subjects from Early Primary School to Senior Maths and English.

Our teachers are especially chosen for their proficiency and the rapport that they develop with students which ensures that students leave the tutoring session feeling happy with their achievements.

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80 minute tutoring
40 minute tutoring
(primary students only)


Irlen Screening